FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 20th, 1999


Bankshot Basketball™: " A Huge Hit" at The Discovery Museum

(Bridgeport, Ct.) Have you ever played basketball in a museum? That’s exactly what hundreds of people, men, women and children did at the grand opening of the "Hoop Smarts" exhibit at The Discovery Museum in Bridgeport Connecticut.

Bankshot Basketball is a new game of skill and challenge often described as a Total-Mix Sport based on Universal Design. Players of all ages and abilities, including wheelchair participants, proceed through a course of angled, curved and unconventionally configured brightly colored Bankboards , banking shots off the Bankboards and through the rims: Points Scored!

Bankshot takes the speed and aggresssion out of basketball and replaces it with the development of a subtle touch and a creative shooting strategy. Players play alongside each other not against each other. Players play primarily against themselves. Skill - not size, strength or stamina – determine proficiency in the new sport.

The Discovery Museum has integrated Bankshot in their mathematics and physics display. In addition to the fun that everyone has playing the new sport, Bankshot also combines important creative and scientific elements. To score, it is necessary to understand trajectories, physics and calibrations.

The Discovery Museum is the third museum displaying Bankshot Bankboards™ which are a new form of sculpture called SportStructures. The Discovery Museum joins the Museum of Modern Art (design department) and The Israel National Museum in Jerusalem which have exhibited Bankshot Basketball™.

Bankshot’s spatial relationships, especially the Bankboard’s geometrical composition challenges the minds of young and old alike. At the museum’s opening event, Linda Malkin, Senior Vice President reported "We had over 350 people for the opening of the "Hoop Smarts" exhibit and the Bankshot Bankboards™ were a huge hit."