FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 20th, 1999

Bankshot Basketball Receives High Marks at Syracuse University!

(Syracuse, N.Y.) Syracuse University proudly announces its introduction of Bankshot Basketball. Bankshot Basketball™ is a natural choice for the University because the new sport combines skill and intelligence with the excitement and fun of basketball.

Bankshot is the only ball playing sport created in the 20th Century.

Bankshot Basketball™ is a new game of skill and challenge, a Total-Mix Sport based on Universal Design. Players of all ages and abilities, including wheelchair participants, proceed through a course of angled, curved and unconventionally configured brightly colored Bankboards , banking shots off the Bankboards and through the rims.

Bankshot’s Educational Dimension

"An important and novel aspect about Bankshot Sports is its educational merit. The game offers an enriched play environment composed of a series of novel sport challenges that invigorate the brain with mind-nurturing play experiences. Bankshot’s design is also intended to stimulate motor coordination in a dynamic player-friendly, inclusionary game. Because of Bankshot’s spatial relationships, particularly its geometrical composition and court design, the Bankshot Court is part of a new genre in the art/play/think world of wonder. It combines creative and scientific elements to produce an advanced participatory art form for today’s young person. Bankshot is pure physics: an exercise in translating science into action.

Bankshot takes the running, jumping and aggression out of basketball and replaces it with intelligence, prefiguration, a subtle touch and a creative shooting strategy. Players play alongside each other not against each other. Bankshot engages the mind of everyone who takes on the challenge of the new sport, as described in one headline: "Albert Einstein meets Michael Jordan above the rim." (MARP)

Syracuse University has acquired the new trailer version of Bankshot Basketball™ called Bankshot-On-A-Roll . Bankshot courts feature a multiplicity of challenging Bankshot trick-shot stations. Bankshot -On –A- Roll enables the sport to be rolled out for any function, or event, anywhere, anytime.