(Jefferson City, TN) Master’s Touch Family Enjoyment Center located at 1050 North Chucky Pike, Jefferson City, Tennessee is proud to announce the grand opening of Bankshot Basketball™, the only ball playing sport created in the 20th century.

Bankshot Basketball™ is a new game of skill and challenge, a Total-Mix Sport based on Universal Design. Players of all ages and abilities, including wheelchair participants, proceed through a course of angled, curved and unconventionally configured brightly colored Bankboards , banking shots off the Bankboards and through the rims.

Bankshot Basketball™ is the perfect sport for the entire family to play together. Bankshot Basketball™ is a pure shooting, non-running, non-jumping sport that adds an innovative twist to the world of sports. It’s Basketball without violence or aggression. Bankshot is played on a course consisting of 19 stations with uniquely angled, brightly colored Bankboards. Each Bankboard requires a different shooting "touch" to score. Some shots demand caroms off two Bankboards. Some are Ricochets, Chute Shots, Double-Glance Shots and one diabolically maddening shot has three Bankboards and two rims. As players move from station to station (as in mini-golf) the shots become more difficult and require increased concentration, accuracy and imaginative shooting strategy.

Masters Touch owner, Gregg Bailey says, "We have a real family-oriented center. Bankshot Basketball™ is ideal for birthday parties and all group functions".

The Bankshot Organization has over a decade of experience and boasts more than 200 courts throughout the world in areas such as Japan, Canada, Israel, Guam, the Philippines, China, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States. No one is excluded. Everyone can experience, what has been called, " the ultimate challenge in shooting a basketball: – Bankshot Basketball™ – the newest sport for the New Millennium!!!"

Bankshot takes the running, jumping and aggression out of basketball and replaces it with intelligence, prefiguration, a subtle touch and a creative shooting strategy. Players play alongside each other not against each other. Bankshot engages the mind of everyone who takes on the challenge of the new sport, as described in one headline: "Albert Einstein Meets Michael Jordan Above The Rim."

(Maryland Association of Recreation & Parks Magazine)