About bankshot

Bankshot Basketball™ is a new game of skill and challenge that is often described as a "mini golf, but with a basketball." Players of all ages and abilities, even disabled participants, proceed through a course of angled, curved and non-conventionally configured brightly colored backboards, banking shots off the Bankboards™ and through the rims. Bankshot is non-aggressive and entirely inclusionary.

A Bankshot course consists of a varying number of stations-depending upon the size of the court-each with a uniquely shaped Bankboard. Each Bankshot requires a different banked shot to score. Some shots demand caroms off two backboards, some are ricochets and one diabolically maddening shot has three backboards and two rims. Players use a scorecard to track their score as they shoot increasingly difficult shots at each of the stations.

The game was invented by Rabbi Reeve Brenner of Rockville, Maryland in 1981 as the first total-mix, non-exclusionary game that wheelchair athletes and the able-bodied can play together with neither at a disadvantage. The inspiration for the game came from a cousin who, as a wheelchair athlete, is now able to participate with the rest of the community.

"If someone confined to a wheelchair wants to play traditional basketball or any other running sport against a person without disabilities, the able-bodied person must get in a wheelchair to equalize the advantages," says Rabbi Brenner. "Bankshot eliminates this dilemma. Instead of size, quickness and strength-skill, intelligence and shooting touch are what counts."