Bankshot Basketball™

Bankshot™ is a new game of skill and challenge that is often described as a "mini golf, but with a basketball." Players of all ages and abilities, including disabled participants, proceed through a course of angled, curved and non-conventionally configured brightly colored backboards, banking shots off the Bankboards™ and through the rims. Bankshot™ Sports are non-aggressive and entirely inclusionary. Participants play alongside, not against, each other.

A Bankshot™ course consists of a varying number of stations-depending upon the size of the court-each with a uniquely shaped Bankboard™. Each Bankshot™ requires a different banked shot to score. Some shots demand caroms off two Bankboards™. Some are ricochets and some diabolically maddening shots have three Bankboards™ and two rims. Players may use a scorecard to track their score as they shoot increasingly difficult shots at each of the stations.

A Bankshot player goes from one station to the next. At each station, you bank shots off the bankboards and through the nets, as shown below. Depending on where you shoot from, you get a different number of points.


Colored circles mark the shooting spots (right). You try two shots from each circle to make one. If the first try is successful, move on to the next shooting position. You must complete all three circles at each station before moving on to the next station.

10 points maximum at each station with bonus points awarded at double hoop stations


A Bankshot player starts at station 1 and moves along in numberical order. Station 19, the "black hole", is a tiebreaker.