Bankshot Tennis™/tri-sport Rules

  • 1 Each player is assigned a "class" according to their ability at Bankshot Tennis™

         > Beginner (triangle),
         > Advanced (circle),
         > Ace (diamond), or
         > Grand Master (square).

    The first time someone plays Bankshot Tri-Sport™, they are classed as a Beginner.

  • 2 Players have 4 balls which they use one after the other at each Bankshot Tennis™/Tri·Sport station, starting with #1.

  • 3 Players step to the position on the ground indicated by the player's level of ability: triangle (Beginner), circle (Advanced), diamond (Ace), or square (Grand Master).

  • 4 Players serve the ball with a racket or pitch/throw the ball through hoops, off Bankboards, into catchers for points.

  • 5 Points are indicated on each hoop.

  • 6 Players receive points only for the one highest Hoop scored at each station.

  • 7 Successfully getting the ball into the netted Bankshot Catcher is worth 10 points - the maximum number of points for any single ball served/thrown/pitched.

  • 8 The odd colored ball is worth double points.

  • 9 The total maximum points possible at each station is 50 (10 points for each of the three similarly colored balls and 20 points for the odd colored ball worth double points).

  • 10 After throwing the 4 balls players move on the next playing station and serve/pitch/throw from the same position (triangle, circle, diamond, or square).

  • 11 When players have completed the last station, the game ends. The total points from all stations is the player's score for that round.

  • 12 Whenever players score 200 points at the Beginner's level (triangle), they qualify to move on to the next level (Advanced, circle) next time they play. Similarly, whenever they score 200 points at the Advanced level (circle), they qualify to move on to the next level (Ace, square) the next time they play. And so on. Players play from the corresponding positions (circle, diamond or square) for their next round at Bankshot Tennis™/Tri·Sport.