Permanent Bankshot Courts

Permanent courts are made up of a series of angled, curved and non-conventionally configured brightly colored fiberglass backboards, called Bankboards™. These Bankboards™ are fitted with traditional rims and supported on steel poles, either embedded or anchor-bolted into the playing surface.


Each Bankshot "station" is made up of one or more of these Bankboards. Players proceed from one station to the next.

  No. of stations No. of BankboardsTM
Bank-Around-the-Clock 24 42
Bankshot Classic 19 31
Junior Classic 13 21
Shoot-Around 9 15

Indoors or Out

Permanent courts can be installed either indoors or outdoors. The surface is usually an asphalt or concrete pad, but Bankshot courts have also been installed on grass, using stepping stones for shooting positions.

Size and Configuration

A Bankshot Basketball court can have anywhere from 3 to 24 stations. The Bankshot Organization offers 6 different permanent court sizes and a wide range of layouts to choose from.

The number of stations and the configuration of stations determines the court size and dimensions.

Courts around the World

There are approximately 200 permanent Bankshot courts throughout the world! Over 100 of these are located in the United States and the rest can be found in Japan, Austria, Germany, China, Italy, Canada, Guam, the Philippines, Israel, France, Korea, Australia and South America.