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The Bankshot™ Sports organization offers numerous layout options to customize the design of a facility in accordance with space designated for the Bankshot™ court. Whether indoors or outdoors, Bankshot™ can be installed imbedded or bolted down. Bankshot™ courts consist of lanes ranging between 5-8 ft width and 10-14 ft in length. Essentially an automobile parking lane, helpful in measuring out the best number of stations for a particular space. “Back-to-back” stations (requiring about 24ft in length) shooting “inward” appears to be the preferred layout when space provides for it. However, all shapes and configurations of Bankshot™ layouts may be made suitable and attractive.


Following a pending Bankshot™ order our technical department will provide a schematic layout drawing for your area, modified in accordance with the specific space requirements.

Our local representatives will be pleased to provide consultation at your premises.


Contact the home office by calling (domestic) (800) 933-0140 or (301) 309-0260 or email us at

Further information is provided at


Bankshot Bankboards™ are crated and shipped from our plant in Syracuse NY. They are experienced in domestic as well as international shipping of Bankshot™ Systems. Be sure to allow 3 weeks for delivery of domestic orders when the Bankboards are in stock. For overseas orders please allow a minimum of 45-60 days for delivery once the order is placed.


Indoor or outdoor Bankshot courts can be laid out on any flooring including asphalt, concrete, grass with stepping stones (there is no dribbling), etc. Bankshot Bankboards™ are equipped with sleeves for 3x3 inch steel structural tubing. The boards slide down the poles in their sleeves and the poles are embedded or mounted (bolted) on the surface.

It is suggested that there be adopted the same safety standards as any school playground.

A Bankshot™ Playcourt in all other ways is like a traditional playground that is freely accessible to all children including differently able, wheelchair users, mainstreaming special populations.


An installation manual will be provided for every size system selected. Poles are acquired locally to save on shipping cost.

Any contractor or competent installer of fences will have no difficulty installing a Bankshot™ Playcourt. There are other resources of skilled contractors; installation is not complex. The installation of the equipment is mostly a task of preparing the holes for the poles. The equipment is embedded in concrete. A pole schedule will be provided. Care and skill are required to make sure the placing the Bankboards align in accordance with the diagrams provided.


Instructional plaques are provided for each station. Three shooting positions are marked off at each station.


Bankshot Bankboards™ are fiberglass and are incredibly durable. Maintenance consists of painting the shooting positions on the floor approximately every 3 years and changing the nets when needed. For optimal results maintain the fiberglass surface much like an automobile fiberglass surface. Even if durable, participants should be cautioned not to hang on the rims. Signage is provided for that purpose although smaller children need not be discouraged from hands on rim contact.


The Bankshot Bankboard™ are precisely the same in every way including size, shape, weight as exhibited in the Boston Children’s Museum.