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As camp director of the JCC Camps at Medford and as a social worker, I knew Bankshot Basketball would score well for the mix of children as a game of developmental skill and challenge. With over 1500 campers including over 100 with special needs, we understood that the concept of a total-mix sport based on universal design would coincide with our inclusionary objectives. We were delighted to find that campers of all ages and abilities can readily descend upon the court at any time at all with or without a preconceived program but with more spontaneity depending on the weather and other goings on at camp. All ages and size participants proceed through a course of angled, curved and unconventionally configured brightly colored backboards – or "Bankboards" – banking shots off the Bankboards and through the rims. Simple idea, real inclusion realized.

Bankshot Basketball is the perfect sport for campers to play together without aggression and without winners and losers - there is never a taste of defeat walking off the course. Bankshot is a pure shooting, non-running, non-jumping sport that adds a welcome friendly play opportunity to the world of sports at a camp. The game is played on a course consisting of as many as 19 stations. Each Bankboard requires a different shooting “touch” to score. Some shots demand caroms off two Bankboards. Some are ricochets, chute shots, double-glance shots – and one diabolically maddening shot has three Bankboards and two rims. As players move from station to station (as in mini-golf) the shots become more difficult and require increased concentration, accuracy and imaginative shooting strategy.

We like the game at the JCC Camps at Medford because Bankshot takes aggression out of the equation and replaces it with intelligence, pre-figuration, a subtle touch and a creative thinking. In total-mix sports players do not play against one another, they play alongside one another, with no one excluded and no preprogramming necessary. We have enjoyed the Bankshot facility for four years at camp and cannot imagine a season without it.
Aaron Greenberg / Camp Director, JCC Camps at Medford
Just wanted to let you know how popular your Bankshot system has been for our park district. We have incorporated it into our all-inclusive playground and the kids love it. I always see it being used every time I drive by and or visit the playground. I hope to purchase another system as budget permits for our sports..park.
Paul Ostrander / Huntley Park District
Each season we strive to update and add to our attractions. The resort boasts a wide variety of activities including 7 playgrounds, tennis courts, mini golf, bocci ball, paddle ball, boating, volleyball, horseshoes and Bankshot Basketball. Bankshot was added to our attractions approximately 15 years ago after being discovered at a trade show. We redesigned one of our centrally located entertainment areas to include Bankshot Basketball together with our tennis courts, horseshoes, volleyball and basketball.

Our resort activities schedules run on a week long program and include morning tournaments for both the adults and children. Bankshot was quickly added into our weekly tournament program for the kids and has been a popular attraction ever since. The guests have easy access to the court as it is centrally located on the property with lighted courts and basketballs at the ready. Due to the varying size and uniqueness of the game it is a great attraction for guests of all ages.
Tinker Nicholsen-Pachter / Sunny Hill Resort and Golf Course
Our season ran from Memorial Day to Labor Day each year. The portion due to the Bankshot was anywhere from 20-25% of the total. The entire cost of the Bankshot Basketball setup, including concrete playing surface, sales/equipment booth, painted circles at each station, lighting, grass and fencing was about $45,000 and this was recovered in two seasons of three months. There was very little maintenance and staffing was necessary only on weekends. We operated the Bankshot out of our Golf Building on the weekdays. We participated in local and national Bankshot Tournaments for many years and had numerous national champions from our course! (It helped, of course, that Indiana is famed as “Basketball Country” with Indiana University, Purdue University, and Notre Dame University!)

In general, I would recommend Bankshot Basketball as a part of a combined multi-feature Family Entertainment Center. Bankshot is a natural fit for a “Combination Ticket” promotion for a typical FEC operation! My experience with Bankshot was very successful and profitable for the nearly 20 years we owned the business. I sincerely recommend it to others considering Bankshot as an addition to their business or recreational operation.
Dave & Bonnie Kelly / Customers
In our first brief Rhode Island 2013 summer season, at our FEC Adventureland Bankshot course 10% of our attendees chose to play Bankshot at once without knowing much about the game, just attracted to the look of it.

It was the number #1 choice for our Birthday package. For our parties, approximately 60% of our hosts added the Bankshot Basketball to their event. We incorporated the game into our all-inclusive package. This allowed our customers greater ability with their FEC experience and kept our wait time for activities minimal.

We are certain, based on feedback from participants, that with familiarity ever increasing traffic will develop and regulars have and will return often to play.

We expected this projection when we decided for Bankshot and we would do it again. The game is like mini-golf: colorful, challenging, trick shots, no insurance concern or significant maintenance or staff increase, ideal for families, children, picnics, parties, group outings and altogether a good fit for us. I can see Bankshot well received with large numbers of players returning many times to play at FECs, especially in communities where basketball is popular as in Rhode Island. We are looking forward to an increase in player-ship in 2014. Our families really like the interactive competitive game of hoops. The beauty of Bankshot Basketball is that the game can and is played by all different groups with varying abilities.
Melissa Kells-Burdick / Adventureland, RI
The link below goes directly to Mary Lou – who is speaking on behalf of Bankshot Sports Click here to Watch Mary Lou's Video!
Ms. Mary Lou Korzenewski / King Farm Bankshot
"We played at the Bankshot today. All the children had a great time - not just the 'sporty' ones! The teachers were commenting how good it was that so many kids could play at the same time. Thanks!!"

I have just been informed that a playground representative in Houston, TX. Who had not previously heard about Bankshot was by coincidence informed by her client that they had spaced in Bankshot Basketball™. She said she probably would not have given Bankshot a second thought without first having heard of it through a client.

I am quite certain this was from Leigh Walden of Fun Abounds in Sugarland, Thank you!
Helen Cordova / Kindergarten Assistant, Signal Hill Elementary
A level and fun playing field . . . isn’t that what we all strive for? Bankshot Basketball™ Court has contributed to that at Signal Hill Elementary, the only public school on the East Coast to have the unique basketball court that many have compared to a miniature golf course of basketball goals. The game’s brilliant design entices children and adults of all ages and physical ability to try their hand. The beauty of it is that everyone can play side-by-side, regardless if they can run or roll onto the court in a wheelchair.

I first saw a Bankshot Basketball™ Court at a municipal park in our hometown of Manassas, Virginia. I was intrigued by the court filled with approximately 15 basketball goals of varying heights with decorative bankboards of varying size, shape and color. Furthermore, I was amazed at the range in age of children playing on the court. Groups of participants varying in age and ability were having fun and being active. At that time, I was half way through a two-year term as president of the Parent Teacher Association at my sons’ elementary school. We had just completed the first phase of a playground expansion to provide suitable equipment to engage our upper grade students grade 3-5. When I saw the Bankshot Court and the way the children, including my own, flocked to play, I knew it would make a great addition to our school playground.

Our school serves students with varying physical and mental abilities. The Bankshot Basketball™ Court has been a tremendous way to engage all the students in fun, non-aggressive physical activities. Plus, as a mother, I like the fact that while the children are having fun and getting exercise, they are also using their math minds to figure out the best angle to bank the shot!

At this point in time, the fify of Manassas has two Bankshot courts, some at the Byrd Park and the one for which I am responsible as PTA president at the Signal Hill Elementary School. Our school is a charter school with many differently-able children and very advanced other children. In the classroom during regular class hours, children in a wheelchair and others who are different in other ways are at no disadvantage sitting in class alongside all others. But the truth is there should be the thinking which suggests that "No Child be Left Inside". Once a child in a wheelchair breaks for recess, that child remains on the sidelines. That child is excluded. That child is made to feel very different. That's what makes Bankshot Playcourts so very appealing and so very important.

My son and I came across one of the Bankshot Basketball Playcourts quite serendipitously in the Manassas city park. The two of us couldn't leave the court until we had, if not mastered the challenge, at least acquitted ourselves reasonably well knowing we can come back again to improve our efforts and knowing as well that as PTA President a Bankshot court at the Signal Hill Elementary School would become my objective to be accomplished by the time I left office as president of the PTA. When we finally installed Bankshot - so beautiful a set, so attractive these Bankboards are displayed as art in museums they make everybody smile- it was gratifying to witness the mixture of children participating and to receive the following reports: '"What a blessing is this game. It picks up where the playground leaves off. It is so extraordinary especially to see the children who are not sporty, out there along with every other child taking on the challenge of Bankshot. I've never seen anything quite like it for meeting the needs of all chlldren. And to get them active without aggression. I can't imagine anything more appropriate for a school and for the older children, so underserved in our schools and playgrounds, than these Bankshot Playcourts. Can we one day consider Bankshot Soccer? Or Bankshot Tennis for the staff? Just kidding"".. but where oh where has this been all our lives?
By Jennifer Shephard / PTA Chair, Signal Hill Elementary School
We have 19 station system with 3 Dunkshots™. It has been fantastic both physically and mentally. It really gives our kids and staff a sense of accomplishment. As we deal deaf, blind and special needs children, we always try to interest them. Bankshot Basketball™ has been one of our missing links to our school. The equality that this game has given to our wonderful children has been an inspiration to all that has been involved. Our system is being used by all of our 700 students, plus many outside groups in our community. What a great thinkers game.
Joe Shakar / Recreation Manager – Special Needs Department